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Default Re: 4/22: Announcing Marketplace Changes

Originally Posted by Rodney

What about if the affiliate was also producing the product for you, handling all the payments, handling the customer service, etc?
I hear ya, and like I said, I was fine with them charging the base prices they had when I set up my shop because they were doing the customer service, credit card transaction, production and fulfillment.

I am just not willing to agree to a 10% commission for licensing my art. The return is too small and I can do better selling my tees myself. I already shut down my shop and deleted my hundreds of designs/products.

The thing I find most troubling is that CP is going to potentially undercut the shopkeepers. If you have your own site/shop and you sell a tee for $30, CP can sell the exact same thing for $25 and take your customers. They claim shoppers won't figure this out, I think they probably will. That alone is enough reason not to be involved with them.