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Default Re: Items per hour

On light colored shirts I can generally get 15-20 per hour for a 6 x 10, 7 x 12 design. This assumes a couple of things, number one - at least 1 extra platen, number two - two heat presses (as this can be the true bottleneck and I like to "pre-press" shirts before printing). On pocket prints I can get 40 or so per hour, partially due to the fact that I press 2 at a time to cure them. Full front shirts will take more time, though 3-4 minutes is about max for a light garment design. Solid images can often be printed at 720 x 360 - Vivid Darker and about double your throughput - but you will definitely need at least two heat presses to keep up.

With an HM-1, my wife and I did 120 shirts we donated for a women's event with a 6 x 10 design on them in a little over 2 1/2 hours, we ran two heat presses, three shrit boards and one HM-1. That's about 45-50 per hour, and all my wife was doing was pre-pressing shirts and folding them after they were finished.

Its all about having a system and determining the best resolution to print the image at. You can sometimes lower the resolution and tweak your saturation to get good results and a significant speed increase.

Hope this helps!
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