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Default Re: Post your experience with the DTG Viper here

it is slow, and it is printing bi-directional, its 5 mins to do a white layer and 2 mins for the colour.
but it dumping a huge amount of white down, on those pennants white is set to 20% otherwise it starts pooling.

and no hoops, i actually don't like the platen and have plans to make our own that will very similar to the kornet platen.

its all spray glue and double sided tape. it works but its rather ghetto.

this is actually a temporary platen and dtg are making us the proper ones still. i think production on them was farmed out and isn't going as fast as planned.

this one is too hit and miss for my liking and i certainly would not be confident letting someone i employed play with the machine. the chances of a head strike if a garment comes looses are too high.