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Default Re: Screen printing water-based ink on towels?

We've used Nazdar RFU waterbase ink with great results.
We don't use a catalyst, but that is an option for you.

110 is fine. Make sure you use a water resistant emulsion.
If you are using cap film, that stencil won't last.

We use heavy pressure, 6-9 strokes,
Fllod - print - flood - -print - flood. repaat....repeat
Make sure you leave your screen flooded so the ink does not dry in the screen.

Keep a spray bottle of water handy as well as a bucket of water and a towel/wash cloth.

If your dryer has forced air, even if it is an infra red dryer, you'll be fine.

We set the belt for three minutes at 305 degrees

If you do not print multiple strokes with heavy pressure, then once your towel clears your dryer you will see white specks appear where the ink did not fully cover the towel.

Ideally, use a towell with terry on one side and velour on the other. Print the velour side.

Buy some extra towels...you'll ruin a couple .....but you'll be fine.