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Default Printed Transfers peeling off during wash test.

Hey printers, I hope everyone is staying in and healthy during these trying times. I am trying to print plastisol heat transfers, and they look great until they are washed. They are peeling off almost completely once I get them out of the laundry dryer. Anyone doing these printed transfers that can help? Below are the steps I am taking in order.
2 Color Plastisol Heat transfers
1. Running the paper through (Premium Transal Hot Peel)the heater to avoid them from curling during the printing process.
2. Printing the first color of the design using a 110 mesh screen.
3. Flashing for as little time as possible.
4. Printing the second color.
5. Dipping into the Ryonet brand powder adhesive.
6. Running the finished product through the dryer (reaching 240-280 degrees).
7. Using a medium-heavy pressure, pressing the transfer onto the garment for 15 seconds at 350 degrees.

The transfers look great and release easily from the transfer paper, yet once I wash test the product, it is peeling off either on the edges or the entire print. It seems that the first color is bonding well to the print, and the problem is the garment not bonding with the print.

Thanks for any help!