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Default Re: What are your thoughts on FOREVER Subli-Light (first hand experience only)

" i can tell there are A Lot of hate/biases against cotton sublimation"
As Walking Zombie explained, if we can't stay true to the lexicon or dictionary, how can there be meaningful discussion of any kind?

Sublimation is the fusing of the ink into the polyester fiber...a permanate, last forever outcome.
AND...and this is real important. sublimation results in NO HAND.
Those who chatter about sublimating on cotton lose those attributes that make sublimation so incredibly desirable. How many characteristics of sublimation must be lost before it is recognized as an imposter?

My experieince with FOREVER SUBLI and other suggested solutions delivered a product that failed in every way to meet my expectations. So the 'hate' you suggest is the product of repeated disappointment, and the head-slap that follows, "I should have known better. IT IS NOT SUBLIMATION!"

Now YMMV and your expectations and needs much different than mine. So go buy some stuff, press it and wear it about and let us know of your experience.....before to impose the outcome on a helpless child.

And let me add point #3. Poly garments do not absorb sweat. So after wearing the tee for a year and running 25 miles a week, it does not smell like a lost sock in the locker room. Cotton will absorb and retain odor and as soon as the heat RH increases, you know you are wearing a stinky shirt.

WE all have different expectations. For you Faux Poly may be perfectly acceptable and honestly, I hope that it does and you can start providing product in which you can take pride. After all, infants are not going to put the garment to much of a test.