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Default Re: Epson F2100 prints and equipment used

Hi Fap

We will have the New Epson F3070 (F3000 in the uk) in our showroom as soon as one becomes available.

Unfortunately the only information I have is also from the Epson press release.

I would imagine that because the F3000 has a bulk ink system the print cost will be more appealing when printing on a commercial scale.

When I have more information I will update you.


Originally Posted by fap
Hi Ricky,

Thank you for your reply, Apologies for the delayed response.

I would say I am still a few months away from making my purchase, but the thing that concerns me is the print cost do seem a bit high for the epson, to be able to really compete on a commercial scale.

Also Epson have just announced the F3070, do you have any info on this and what kind of price range is this in the UK?