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Default Are Plastisol Transfers Best Option for New Guy w/ Lots of Log


I am new to this and have existing logos / products, but not shirts.

What is the major diff between plastisol and digital transfers?

I have lots of nature logos, so while not super detailed, lots of diff colors (greens and blues in foreground, multicolor gradients in backgrounds, adds up to 5-10 per logo).

I heard plastisol transfers are amazing in that they withstand washing and look just like screenprints, but my color quantities make them expensive.

So it was suggested I do "digital transfers." But what's the difference here? My main concern is they look extremely professional since I already have accounts expecting this.

Will digitals look awesome or 'homemade?'

Are there other options I should be considering?

Should I just take the plunge on a DTG machine?

Assuming I'd be doing about 400-800 shirts a month, with some being bulk like 75-150, but most being more like 6-24 pcs per logo.

Thanks for any and all options you can throw my way! Clearly I'm super overwhelemed. : )