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Default Re: gcc jaguar II jr76s driver

Originally Posted by emead13
i have been trying mostly with great cut and thats because thats what gcc uses/recommends. the computer this ran on crashed and it used great cut so thats why i spent most of my time trying that... cocut was another i saw recommended and most recently within the last 5 minutes winpcsign. it says i do not have the dongle which looks to be something you get once you purchase winpc? this was recommended to try before i try another option. part of me says trying either a newer or possibly an older pc would be advantageous as this cutter is old and most of the software is for newer pc's. i would buy a newer cheaper plotter but this seems to have much better stats and quality cuts than a newer cheaper unit? thanks in advance for any help!
How does WinPC work? It has trial to test. I also sent msg to you, but your box is full that msg can not be delivered.