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Default Re: What you know now, would you buy the F2100 Again?

Originally Posted by BerkshirePrint
So you own a Epson F2100. Would you buy it again or run as far away as possible. I am familiar with DTG printers and am thinking about buying the F2100 so I was hoping to hear from actual owners what they think of there machines. Thank you
Good question. They are workhorses. Love mine. The process of printing DTG took about a year to master, and that's a generous statement. We have breakthroughs all the time. Still learning a lot. Just feeling comfortable now. That's what I wish I knew ahead of time. Learning DTG is like learning how to cook. Every ingredient changes the mix and the outcome.

As for the machine itself, I have 1. I wish I had 5. Printing 8 shirts an hour on maximum quality is slow, but good for retail prices. Printing white shirts at a clip of 30-45 per hour on speed mode can be decent depending on the artwork but you have to spend time colour matching etc and fine tuning the settings for each job which takes time.

It's a great tool but if you're new to DTG, I would take a full week-long training course to save yourself the time I spent learning.

One other thing, you should get 2 heat presses. 1 is not enough really. It becomes a bottleneck if you want to run a fluid job. Wish I knew that too.

There's also this other issue I'm investigating and depending upon the outcome, you may want to formulate your decision based on the findings. You can read more here: https://www.t-shirtforums.com/epson-...s/t880241.html