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Default Re: Epson Sure color F2100 vs Texjet Echo (2)

Originally Posted by Pierrot01
If I do not use the epson and i do not purge the system, the epson will circulate white ink in the recycling bin to prevent it from drying, right?
This is also incorrect.

The Epson F2100 unlike a lot of DTGs on the market (such as the Brother GTX) uses a dry capping station where the head parks into an air tight section until it is ready to print again. For this reason there is no ink circulation (or waste of any kind) when your machine is powered off.

The GTX (as well as others) use a wet capping station. The manufactures of these type of printers tout this as a good thing (I dunno) but with this kind of a system you can NEVER turn off your printer and it circulates ("spits" - as in wastes or "dumps") ink and cleaning solution in the process over and over again, day after day.

Just the facts 'mam.