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Default Re: Need your advise

Vinyl is probably impractical for "vintage" distressed type designs, as it would take you forever to weed the vinyl after it was cut.

Sublimation requires white 100% polyester shirts.

Inkjet transfers for dark garments tend to be thick, heavy, crinkly, and short of life. On white cotton garments, JPSS paper works quite well.

Laser transfers are another option, but the printers are expensive, as is the paper. Depending on the nature of your art, your results may be less than desirable. These also tend to be heavy and crack prone, but that can be remedied to some extent by RIP/halftoning the art to basically punch a lot of small, small holes in it.

If you do single color designs, it is fairly cheap to setup for screen printing (Press can be as simple as J-clamps and some screens and a work table to clamp it to). Use a heat gun or hair dryer to flash and a heat press to cure. The sun is a great exposure unit. Yes, screen printing is an economical way to produce many copies at once. Would it be insane to print small quantities as orders come in? Probably. I am clearly insane ;-)
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