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Default Re: Echo2 Experience?

We bought a new one in the UK. Having a wealth of issues so far & whilst technical support from our supplier is great, the machine has been a thorough let down. From being very slow and not intuitive at all, it's made from two machines being spliced together, meaning they don't communicate very well with each other, and you have to bypass warnings and messages just to use the machine, with two displays and control panels made by two different manufacturers. It's flawed in so many ways with usability. Print quality is very good, but don't expect prints to last very long on black cotton, 15 washes MAX. We've had the printhead replaced on warranty once already, now this second print head seems to need deep cleans via the machine cleaning feature every 15 print, wasting loads of expensive ink & more importantly printing time. The bed and motor has errors all the time, though since an update it's not as frequent, but we still get tmotor time outs too frequently. Now, we had potentially the first echo 2 available in the UK, I don't know if we just have a bad machine, but we've had far too many issues for a 12k machine, and never had a run of printing more then 10 t-shirts in a row without print heads giving up meaning bad prints, and lengthy costly cleaning procedures. Also, don't expect more than 10-12 t's an hour if you're pretreating, using white & colour ink. I know a lot of companies use these machines with great success, but they have so much potential for improvement, especially with the interface and machine software. I would really like to hear from other user experiences, just to see if im not alone in my struggles with this machine!