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Default Re: Epson Sure color F2100 vs Texjet Echo (2)

Originally Posted by TABOB
A few million is never nothing... But I wasn't referring to that.
Childish exaggerations and unfounded claims... That's what's silly.
Even the Chinese $60 inks from Aliexpress print well. The white I tried was not good, but the other colors are not bad at all.
That's fine you are entitled to your opinions they are based on wrong facts but hey they are yours and you can do what you will with them. I know where I have been in my life and like I said I don't care what anyone uses. But saying they are all the same is just ignorant and dumb.If drawing on the shirts with a marker works for you and you have a market gods speed my friend what ever works best for you. Some of the chinese inks do work well I have had mixed results in the past. I did have one decent white ink but they had supplier problems and are no longer around as far as i know. Again the OP is just talking about the difference between a F2100 and a Texjet. The Texjet in my opinion is just a toy printer and the F2100 is more of an actual work horse.