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Default Re: Epson Sure color F2100 vs Texjet Echo (2)

[QUOTE=TABOB;4435081]Polyprint recommends Dupont inks, and my F2000 was out of warranty, so I didn't care. Plus I knew I had to use inks with the same viscosity.

Not the best Idea to do it but hey I know you can and most of the time it will work out fine.

How do you know? Dupont has a variety of DTG inks and they do sell them to other companies. Dupont is the big player when it comes to ink.

Hate to tell you this but Dupont is not that big of a player when it comes to ink. if we are talking Teflon or Kevlar absolutely. Dupont has not put any developmental work into ink for over 8 years or so and are only now re starting. Brother and Epson sell double their volume. Dupont has about 4 different formulations for heads out there and yes it does get re-branded all the time but its still going through the same print heads. Also I worked a Dupont for a time and when Epson started producing their Sure Color inks Dupont had a freak out and spent millions trying to de-formulate the inks to no avail so again I know for a fact Dupont inks are NOT Epson inks.

Nonsense! Both printers produce good prints.[/QUOTE

That is your opinion. Just like the original poster needs to make their own opinion on which printer they like. I'm not here to endorse any printer over another because I mostly don't care what printer is being used as long as it works the way it should and the way we are told it is supposed to work. I currently use several different types of printers in my shop and each one has their thing they each do well. If I get rid of something it is because it is nothing better than a toy and I am there to do work not play with toys.