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Default Re: new to t shirt design...any advice?

if you're an idea person, but not an artist, you could always use public domain images.

as i understand it... ANYTHING on a government site is public domain, as your taxes pay for it, so you could find a lot of stuff like pics of military hardware and NASA images, national parks & landmarks, and if you dig deep enough... probably a lot more as the government is involved in almost everything. say you wanted a pic of a motorcycle... you might find one on a site about safety standards.

there are websites that SPECIALIZE in public domain images.

also, there are "license free" websites that can have some amazing pics & illustrations. pixabay is one of the biggest, but there are dozens of others.

finally... just get a camera and take pics of what you need... then... teach yourself to use a lasso tool to cut your image out from the background. i'm pretty sure even CLUNKY (but free) gimp 2 has a lasso tool, and would let you add text etc.

check thriftshops out! i picked an older copy of photoshop lite up for just $2 and have also scored a copy of corel draw that was really old a decade ago at a thrift shop too.

i have a copy of manga studio i haven't used much as it's really deep, but it's an excellent and CHEAP program that even illustrator users have switched to. you're going to need some kind of program that lets you place & size text.

the easiest and CHEAPEST route is to just stick to text and burn your own 1 color silk screens. if you can sell your ideas, that's going to give you the highest profit margin. i like DTG myself as you can print one tee at a time as needed and the process is full color, BUT it's expensive to either buy printers or have others print for you.

i'm about to start shopping for DTG fulfillment again after the printer i'd planned on using raised their prices so it'd cost me about $18 to ship a $20 design.

anyways hope that helps.

the BEST art though, costs money. there's at least one image i want to license, but at $80... i'd have to sell a bunch of shirts just to break even.

learning about marketing, as mentioned, is important. it's hard to get customers when you're on google page 12 ahead of giant corporations, paid results, and businesses that have had social media presence for decades.

i'd suggest reading some business books, and if you're going to have a website, look into search engine optimization too. i posted a thread on the best books i've read with ratings & comments so you don't have to waste your time on dozens of crappy books like i've done too.

check it out here: