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Default Re: Epson Sure color F2100 vs Texjet Echo (2)

That is wonderful you got the same results using dupont ink and the same pretreatment in the 2 different machines. I guarantee they did not print the same. I bet one was faster than the other. The way the printer microweaves the inks matter and are not the same. Seeing how you should not really use dupont in the F2100 but you can. If you you were to purchase a new printer and decided to not put in the same ink as recommended it would void the warranty the second something went wrong. Also Epson ink and Dupont ink are NOT the same thing. Instead of letting the OP make up their own mind when comparing prints your saying it does not matter what the printer is because not matter what the prints will be the same. but in fact it Does matter. There is a world of difference between the 2 printers and what they are capable of especially in terms of quality. And quality of the machine.
I too had polyprint and F2000 in my shop and I quickly got rid of the polyprint because it could not come close to the Epson in terms of print quality or reliability. I have since phased anything that has to do with polyprint from my shop out because the claims made about the printer were found lacking where the F2000 did/does everything they say it does and I am able to print on anything my customers need with the polyprint I would not do hoodies because they did not look great with the polyprints ink set. I have zero problems printing on hoodies with the Epson and a few other brands of printers that do not use the ink set that polyprint uses. But hey to each their own. The OP should just see the other side of things and make their own opnion. I'm not here to elevate any printer over the other but my 7 f2000's have over 20k prints on them each with no problems.