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Default Re: Epson Sure color F2100 vs Texjet Echo (2)

Originally Posted by TABOB
What did you expect? You gave them some unknown fabric to print, so they had to guess how.

The problem with DTG, is that different fabrics need different amount of pre-treat and different ink settings.

The printer itself has nothing to do with it... All DTG printers will have the same problem.
That is only partially true the printers are using different two different ink sets and pretreatments not all pretreatment is created equal and that goes for ink too. Any distributor of a printer should be able to print on a sweatshirt. So yes the printer does matter as well as the skill level of the printer operating it. I have printed hundreds of thousands of shirts and sweatshirts/ hoodies and the printer matter as well as the way you apply your application. DTG actually takes skill and experimentation to dial in just like everything else in a custom decoration business. Not all ink sets are the same and some perform better than others and that goes for pretreatment you will get different results with the same amount of pretreat on different shirts but also different results from different manufactures of the pretreat. If you distribute a printer you should be able to print with it. That is like asking a car salesmen about a car and the salesman cannot drive. My advise to the original poster would be to get the same print and garment made up with a F2100 and just see what is better.