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Default Re: EPSON WF 7720 good for Transparancies?

Originally Posted by bigjp79
I use the Epson ink, mostly because I can get it at office supply stores and even Walmart. I do not have to tape two positives together. I have not had any issues other than making sure I clean the print head every couple of days to prevent clogging. That is only because I print part time. When I was printing films every day I had no issue with clogging.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up purchasing a 7720 yesterday and failed at my first couple attempts to get an opaque enough film positive. I'm using the standard EPSON inks that came with the printer. Here are the settings I used.. any help is appreciated.

Printing out of illustrator I used a CMYK art board and for the first test I set the black to C- 0%, M- 0%, Y- 0%, K- 100%. The second test I set the black to C- 100%, M- 100%, Y- 100%, K- 100%. Then I used the following settings for each....

In the Color Matching dropdown: EPSON Color Controls

In the Print Settings Dropdown: Premium Photo Paper Glossy, Best Quality, Borderless box is checked, Expansion is set to Max, Greyscale is checked. (I think for the test with C- 100%, M- 100%, Y- 100%, K- 100% I forgot to check the Greyscale and it was set to Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy. I'll probably do another test with all the colors set to 100% along with the Premium Photo Paper Glossy and greyscale checked to see if it helps.)

In Color Options Dropdown: Under manual settings I have Gamma at 2.2, Saturation, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow cranked up all the way to 25.

Under Color Management I used: Adobe RGB (1998), Relative Colorimetric, Let Illustrator Determine Colors.

With both attempts I got light bleeding through and wasn't able to fully wash out the image on the screen. I'm going to continue to do tests but If I can't get it to work I'm thinking about returning it and going with a different printer... considering the epson 1430.

bigjp79, could you share the settings that work for you? Thanks for the help.

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