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Default Re: pricing a trailer job question w/pictures

Originally Posted by RumSlush
DrivingZiggy: You are correct. He named it after his wife Patti and his last name starts with O......so, Patio's! Or at least that is what he explained to me when I asked him about the apostrophe....
You know, sometimes it hurts me to be so damned anal about things. There's a local eatery named "Kajan's." When I first saw it--and being Cajun--I took umbrage. WTF??? But then one day I decided to try it. That's when I found out that the owner's name was "Jan" and they do, indeed, have Cajun food.

I just need to get over myself.

Edit: I thought I was being clever when I named my trucking company. I mixed "transportation" with "Ziggy" and got "tranZig." *sigh* I had no idea that so many people just could not grasp that the "t" is lower case and that there is no "s" (TransZig) in the middle. In fact, the entire name of the company was tranZig enterprises, incorporated. And NOBODY could grasp that the only capitalized letter is the "Z." Oh, well. The company no longer exists so I don't have that problem any more.