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Default Re: Transfer tape like for heat transfers?

Originally Posted by DrivingZiggy
CAD-COLORŪ SolutionsŪ Mask

Magic MaskŪ - Low Tack

Magic MaskŪ - Medium Tack

Magic MaskŪ - High Tack
NO NO NO !!!!!
I bought the magic mask Medium tack to use with the Neenah 3G opaque and it's a nightmare! The carrier sheet of the neenah stays stuck to the mask and ruins the transfer everytime.
It's simply UNUSABLE.
Anyway that Neenah paper is crap, so difficult to peal off and that backing even stays stuck to the transfer material itself, like when you try to remove a paper sticker and some of it stays stuck.
Now I got something similar to the Forever inkjet that has a more plastiky backing that peals more easily. Still failed with the magic mask (stayed stuck to the mask but not as fast as the 3G) but I'm going to try the detape instead to see what happens. It's so frustrating I have to say!

I saw that video where the guy uses the forever inkjet paper with a tape and it does what I'm looking for. Skip to 2:07 and see for yourself: