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Smile Re: ZSK Sprint 4, T8 using Hatch Embroidery 2 Trimming issues.

Okay, so I have finally found the solution to the issues that I was having, and hopefully this will translate to other ZSK machines, and maybe others as well. As previously stated we were having issues with the trimming function of our ZSK Sprint 4. We had taken it apart and cleaned it, but did not take the knife off to check it. After doing what we had been told to do by @austitch, it was still having troubles, we called our local ZSK distributor and did what they asked us to do, again to no avail. I finally took the knife off and inspected it, to find that where the trimming hook and the knife met, there had been a bur develop and made it to where the knife and the hook did not meet flush and actually trim the thread. After a few passes with a sharpening file, the bur was gone and the machine is now running great! Hopefully this helps others with the same problem!

TL;DR : If Your ZSK Sprint series machine is not trimming when it is supposed to, check the trimming knife where it meets the hook and file down any bur that may be there.

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