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Default Anajet Sprint Issues

Hello All,

This is my first post and I'm extremely new to DTG. I bought a used Anajet Sprint and am just getting started to mess with it. I have a couple of question/issues I would like to know if anyone has experience with. First the colors dont seem to come out as vibrant as I would like. I am using an Anajet pretreat on the black shirts but am curious if AnaBright pretreat would be better. Also in the images the white lettering seems to be blurry. When it sprays the second pass its not lined up with the first. Also it goes in to an auto maint. and once it does the second pass of the color doesnt line up. After the auto maint. on the next print it does fine besides the letters being blurry. I do not have a block to measure the printhead and table distance and am wondering if this could be part of the problem or maybe a printhead alignment. I did try to get the table as level as I could before I started. The unit had cleaning solution in the lines and I purchased all new inks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you