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Question Cutter not cutting evenly please help

Hello, I'm a newbie with a small business who has recently bought a cheap vinyl cutter from Amazon...My needs are very basic, I just wish to add small vinyl logos to my product so I thought a basic cutter would be good enough.
However, after hours of testing and ploughing through lots of heat transfer vinyl, I can't get it cutting evenly.
To explain, - my logo is a 10cm diameter circle with a basic shape cut out of the centre, when I cut it one side of the circle cuts fine but the other does not. If I increase the pressure enough to cut the other side it cuts through the backing sheet on the more deeply cutting side. One side of the cutter does this worse than the other side.
Here is a link to a photo that should hopefully demonstrate what I'm explaining https://photos.app.goo.gl/xMqvUWA2ccEymZ6D8

I have tried both 60-degree and 45-degree blades and am cutting at the slowest speed available. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have emailed the retailer to ask them the same question. TIA