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Default Re: Did I get played by google?

Is your upper platen light or dark? A laser temp gun will not give you a correct reading on a lightly colored platen. You would need a temp probe instead which is placed directly on the platen.

If your temp readings are correct, cheap presses will have temp fluctuations like you describe. As NoXid recommends, adjust your temp settings accordingly.

No way should you need to place your transfer after swinging the platen in place. You should have at least 1 inch clearance. Either the press is defective or there is a setting somewhere that will adjust the height.

We don't use a cover sheet for sublimation. But if you want to, the butcher paper is fine to continue using. Or you can use the teflon which can be used for 1,000's of impressions. Save a tree.

For your cap press, use a smaller piece of butcher paper. Or buy another teflon sheet and cut that smaller.