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Unhappy Did I get played by google?

So I tried to do a little research into equipment for t-shirts and hats. I'm a hobbyist ball python breeder for high end morphs. I thought it would be excellent it send a shirt out with every snake purchase. My first step was a heat press. I went to google and typed in "top heat press machines." at the top google has its awesome little feature which usually answers your question 5 different ways. Well option #1 under "people may ask..." is "What is the best heat press?". #1 on the list is Fancier Studio. Each option comes with a review. I read the review and have that AHA moment. I found the perfect press for me quick and easy. Fancier Studio Review.. So based on that review I purchase a 15x15 heat press and a swing away hat press. Well I have a couple issues with each one and I'm hoping the community here will assist and guide me please.

After testing for a couple days I started to feel like the press is running hotter than the display reads. I just so happend to have a temp gun on hand from my snake hobby. Well the top shell is ready 15-20 degrees hotter than the display is reading.

Is this normal? Do I contact fancierstudio? Should I asking to have it replaced? This seems like a drastic temp differance not just a degree or two.

Second issue is really my lack of experience. It came with a teflon sheet. After watching videos and reading various post on here it is unclear how exactly I should utilize it. It doesnt appear to have a layer to peel away so I can stick it to the top of the shell. I have been using a roll of butcher paper as a layer for under the shirt, between the shirt and a piece over the top of the sublimation image (15x15 piece to cover whole shirt). Should I be laying the teflon sheet (which is like 18x18) over my sublimation image acting as a barrier between the image and the top shell?

Hat Press - Swing Away. As stated above it was also purchased from the fancier studio website. Well it doesnt come with any teflon nor have I see anyone use any type of protective layer. Can someone please elaborate on this process?

I'm really hoping that somone here owns this exact press. My real issue with it is that there is a minute amount of clearance to swing the arm into place to make a press.
It's such a tight fit that you cant really place your image/vinyl before you swing the arm in. I had to swing the arm in and then slide my HTV in between the tight little pace and hope for the best on positioning. There is absolutely no way to adjust it. There is a pressure knob. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't designed to reduce the pressure almost all the way, put the HTV in position, swing the arm in and then tighten the pressure back down to where you need it. Am I overlooking something or did google trick me into buying the worlds biggest piece of crap.

Please help me the best that you can community. I have an Epson c88+ and a cameo 3. I have invested enough to have functional equipment. The cameo so far is the best investment so far. I'd recommend it to anyone new to the hobby.

Sorry for the little book I wrote. Thanks, Kyle!