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Originally Posted by sublial
I was issued a patent in 5-27-14 for sublimation printing onto Dark cotton with the combination of white toner PERIOD.

it isn,t rocket science to understand.

You print the sublimation on the B paper while you are printing a white mask with white toner on the A paper at the same time.

You then marry the two sheets together after registering them on a light table.

Then you apply the A paper to the shirt pressing it from the backside of the shirt for 50 seconds at 375 F.

Peel cold and the DYES from the sublimation fully outgas into the coating of the B paper that is adhered to the cotton shirt in 1200x1200 resolution.

I have made a video finally and am waiting for my web master to edit it for me so I can post it on You tube.

I will notify the forum in the next couple of weeks.

With all due respect, that isn't direct sublimation to cotton. It's another layer ON TOP OF the cotton which holds the sublimated inks.