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Hey there! Do you write down your formulas when you mix your inks? If so, look at the total amount of pigment in %. Sometimes your formula may have a super low pigment %! If you are not between 10-15% (I make my formulas as close to 20%) Pigment to Base, it will look “weak” either straight out of the dryer or after a wash. Definately not a curing issue if you see the bright colors after the cure. Uncured discharge looks burned or “wet”...
another thing is that because essentially, you dye the shirt. The dyes will fade along with the shirt! Sometimes it is shocking, but also compare the color of the shirt to an unwashed garment. You will see a pretty distinct difference and more noticable on cheaper shirts. So sometimes you go wooo, but just know what to expect when redying already dyed shirts. Its gonna vary quite a bit. Hope this helps.