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Default Re: How would you print this?

Originally Posted by INKJESS
I am trying to think outside the box on this one. Normally I would print the white first while spreading the rabbit head a little and including the under base for the red, then print red, then black, done. Someone else had told me they would print the white including the under base for red and under base even the black, then print red, then black, done. What do you guys think?
Technically every ink color should be printed on a white base if the garment is colored. This will allow true color opacity, also depending the inks you are using. In most cases maxopaque can be printed as a print flash print if avoiding underbase. The rule applies lets say to a one color, some say why do two screens when you can get away with one using pfp method. It works not denying it, however proper procedure would be underbase then color on top. If you compare a pfp and a color print qith underbase you will see the different in color tone; however these rules are for the technical passionate serious printer, in which most don't care for it and just want to make the sale and take the money so all that gets thrown out the window.

This one works different and can be printed.different ways.
If all you have is 110 mesh screens, it should be white base the colors then white print. This is so that your base isnt very thick.

Some will say print all white with base for all then one stroke color, which will work to get the job done.

Last, you can print white in higher mesh count all at once to get a thin nice bright white opacity then color print one stroke each and be done with it. (156-200 mesh)

Almost forgot pfp for every color is an option as well if you want to exercise your upper body

These rules apply more for the manual printer.
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