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Default MH01 errors on M2

I have an issue which I believe is driver related but I cannot seem to resolve it.
I have installed Kothari print pro along with the RJ printer drivers for my M2 which I purchased with a faulty head and in need of a bit of a refurb but otherwise working. Work done now when I try to print I get a choice of two errors.
The first is a MH01 [RTL] error.
If I print on a white background it shows this error but prints the image no problem and ejects the platen. I reload the platen and all is good.
When I print with an underbase I get the error, the underbase prints then retracts the platen but freezes the printer showing the error.
In the folder I was given containing the Mutoh drivers there are several files for 64 bit drivers - RJ900C, RJ901C AND RJ900 PRO. No installer though.

In the actual printer menu ( press menu on startup ) I can set the printer to a 900 pro or 901 pro but not sure which it is supposed to be or what the diiference is firmware wise.

I have downloaded a new driver package from Mutoh that contains the pro drivers and the C version drivers for win 64 bit with the installer. However when I use these and try to print I get a message on the printer that says 'converting' and it just sits there.
When I plug the printer in win 7 auto installs it and loads the printer as various variants different each time, but seems to id the printer as a 901c more than anything else.

Can some one tell me what ID the printer is supposed to be set to in the menu and what actual driver is supposed to be loaded.

If anyone has come across this error before did you manage to fix it as I have seen various descriptions of its cause.
I dont have the facility to try the network port as my Dell precision laptop is lacking a lan port.