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Default Re: Union vs. Rutland vs Wilflex vs Vortex (GSG)

Originally Posted by sben763
Right now due to space I have a Lawson mini trooper XL 5 color 6 station. I've had a couple other Lawson press that where just too big although I was able to run just not efficiently so I always went back to manual. After many, many adjustments to get the press all back straight I've got to say I am impressed with quality of prints. I seriously didn't expect the quality and the speed I'm getting. The other Lawson's printed Ok struggled with white.

It was used, Cheap although not put together so was a risk and from past experience and with this one if you call Lawson the guy isn't very helpful when inquiring about a press always ask for serial then says that's a older press, not much value and tries to sell you a new one. last time I talked to him I said so your saying your older press don't hold any value, may have issues, and just not worth buying....Why the heck would I ever buy a new one then? He hung up on me.
I am in the same boat as far as space. I only have about 18' wall to wall so that limits me on my choices of autos and number of colors. I am looking at the Workhorse Saber 8/10 or maybe a Volt, both around 14' and in our budget.

I think the Lawson salesman got the question he didn't have a answer for. Lol.. But at least you got your set-up dialed in so congrats on that.