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Thanks for your responses. I spoke via chat about this pretreater and I feel like I engineered it myself and want to re market it!! There are so many features on this machine that are going unnoticed because the info just isnít out there or could use a little more backing and explanation and it would easily be a sold out item. Below I will include my prior thoughts then follow up with what I know now. The bad thing is this is a bad a** machine and unless you really dig.... you wouldnít know it. There are about 3 or 4 public videos that look great production wise but donít show the features, how to use, how to clean or the control layout like the competitors do. If you contact belquette they can send you the training videos and then you will get the full scoop. Hope this makes others consider to purchase. I ruled it out and now itís my top choice from what I know now.

Beliefs prior to extensive research going solely off of the available videos and the web site.


1. Platen size limited to 12.5 x 18. - videos show small platen for mod one, website does not mention platen size at all. If you go to edge/ T Treater (same machine just had to be renamed) platens 12.5x18 is the largest avail which is too small for most people and equals an instant do not buy

*truth - it actually was updated to accommodate larger print machines. It comes with a 18x21 platen and I believe they also have a 18x26 which are larger than most if not all printers! Wish the platens were listed and available on the site and written on the T-treater page so you know that it is an option. Either way ... red is now GREEN LIGHT! ?

2. It only works with power rip software. If you donít have that, it wonít work at all.

*truth- you can use the Edge to do full, half, or chest applications just like any other machine. It just has the targeted function as a trick up its sleeve!

3. You can not use this in the same room as your printer. In the videos and on the website it says minimal overspray, bounces back onto the garment, no airborne partials ect. but as a consumer, I need to see the strait forward answer for dummies since most open pretreaters require a separate room.

*truth- you CAN use this right next to your machine. Only in one location did I read this but it was in the LPDS article . It needs to be in bold on the main page in those exact words . I also confirmed on BQ chat. So hopefully that eases others as it did me. Red to GREEN light!

4. Because it uses a bagged system, if you use a different ink set then what they have avail in a bag this machine will not work for you. Also the fear (pray it never happens) ďif I by into this bag system and they close down or choose to no longer support it or bagged PT... Iím screwed!Ē

*truth - you CAN use bottled PT for your ink-set. This is not mentioned online either nor do I know exactly how to get this. It seems the have some type of connnector on the end of the tube but where do you get this? Does it go into the same lines if it was a bag? Can you still run dual PT. I can not find the kit to purchase on the website or how to set up but, here and on BQ chat they say it is possible. I understand ad actually suggest that you use their bagged pretreat but as a consumer, if you are already invested in an ink set or the thought of a new one coming out is possible to run on every other PT machine except the edge due to bagged system... that would be a red light but since it is possible, now itís a GREEN light! (Hope for better insight)

Extra facts you might or might not know

Has a larger screen than what is in some of the videos. Itís 7Ē I believe.

It looks cool as idk what. BQ knows how to make a great looking product. Of course functionality and ease of use are first but looks are a great thing too! ( have you seen the genesis?!?! One sexy *** machine!!) The PT goes from the bags into the vertical tubes on the side which have lights just looks good and premium.

Made with aluminum and is also powder coated so no worries of rust ( wish the dimensions and weight was posted on the site) but it does say light weight and portable which is good for ppl on the go or if you donít want a heavy brick in your shop!

You can load light and dark PT at the same time. They donít use the same line so you donít have to worry about contamination.

The system has a cycle counter and cost estimate built in

It actually runs on a small compressor which is included (not loud) pros vs an inline pump is that you donít have corrosive PT running thru your pump so it should equal better reliability also you can run plant air if you have it so at least itís easier to fix or replace vs a high markup specialty inline pump

The dark PT has a circulate feature to mix up your PT. you can push your PT back into the bag if you need to flush your system so less waste

The nozzle is pretty expensive at $80 but lasts 2-3 years with good Maint. Definitely expensive so donít lose it!!! That pretty much is the only con left aft 5 or so I started with

BQ has great Customer service and have been great with my millions of questions ?. They had a BQ live show on YouTube with lots of great info but from what I read, itís no longer going on since one of the guys left for family reasons so the mojo was lost but hopefully they get it back up ASAP and get Jerid a co host because these guys worked in the field prior to sales so that goes into the finished product and Jerid and the others has tons of useful info to give donít forget this in itself is a family cough cough * Jerid ?? we need and appreciate you guys spark some mojo and get in there!! Lol

BQ arenít just a manufacturer of a machine, they Truely are engineers and innovators of products with the customer ease of use and make features to accommodate. I wouldnít doubt that they take all feedback to the table and build and customer wants and needs first vs making the same old thing everyone else does as a carbon copy.

Ok ok Iím done I think ? ?

FYI ladies* can you believe they engineered a ďdtgĒ style nail printer.... I tell you what thatís a cool idea!!!

Keep pushing the boundaries! (But update the website pls ? with the platens, bottle PT connector kit, dimensions and weight, basic info for dummies, and release training videos to the public and updated with larger size platen ... there is so much useful info about your product that you might just sell out or go on back order!!! ) you really have a Gem with the PT machine and even the genesis but they need some shine! Your promo videos are way too short ..3 or 4 1-3 min videos is not giving you guys justice for the work you put into it. Donít be afraid to toot your horn! You make great products

Some guy who talks to much ?
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