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Originally Posted by littlepumpo
Originally Posted by suomaf
Hey guys,

I am a apparel manufacturer and would like to set up a business in Aus to supply blanks, what sort of advise could you give me as you will be the customers.

Are you looking for quality? low minimums, pricing that sort of thing? I am also open to suggestions.

Hi suomaf,

I am interested in streetwear based styles which are very hard to find and are in high demand within the scenes I know and enjoy.

I have alot to do with skate snow and surf fashion, I also have many friends in bands and that DJ regularly around sydeny and melbourne there is common clothing link in all these scenes. And there are not enough brands(in my opinion) in Australia or America catering to them int erms of t-shirt cuts.

We want to see shirts that are longer in overall length with out the increase in sleeve length or width I see too many "square"shirts as we call this means as the size increase the shirt gets wider the sleeves get wider and longer and the length doesnt change.

What I would like to see is:
Shirts that increase in the same ratio all over as the size get larger(or increases where they are need:in overall length, width and sleeve width). This allows people individuality in the size they choose without sacrificing a good shape.

A mix of thin light tees for nights out and to relax in and some more heavy duties tees for skating, snow etc.

Low/wide necks and v-necks with a thinner collar.

Long, low neck and open arm singlets are also very popular(made popular in australia recently by surf/indie brand "insight")

For girls longer more loose fitting singlet like tees with and without sleeves that can be worn as dresses.

As for colours vintage distressed looks are sought after as well as stonewash style occasionally tie dies.

I know this is an in depth description but this is exactly what I am searching for in Australia and cant find. AA seem to be the best and are very good but still lack in some sizing areas. There is another brand selling in australia Called "Line" who sell through general pants co. and are extremely popular blanks but I cant find a wholesale for them.

Donna was right that shipping is the Main expenxse when buying form the states so we usually get hit with around $12-14 a shirt. I would personally be extremely happy with 6-10 Australian dollars a shirt.

I hope some of this helps and I'm sorry this was so long. I have recently started this comapny and have only bothered to print a few of my most basi designs because I dont want to waste my energy on poor blanks. I aim at a youth market and I want to do it right they have limited money and should get the best for what they spend.

If you end up getting set up please let me know I would love to talk more

This is kinda what im after did anyone have an idea?