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Default Re: Spreadshirt did a horrible thing on its marketplace

I wish I had re-read this post before setting up on Spreadshirt. I do mostly text based or very simple graphics and didn't think through until adding about 40 items. It seems to be about $8 to $10 cheaper for someone to see a text shirt and then go create it for themselves. I didn't realize how much Spreadshirt actually competes with their marketplace contributors on basic and text only shirts. I've had one sale.

So far I've tried Zazzle and Spreadshirt and not wowed by either one. I've gotten sales on Zazzle but have never really figured out their pay structure with coupons, discounts, affiliate commission etc. which all seem to out of the designers cut. I've probably average about $1.50 per sale with an average ticket price over $20.

Most of the POD marketplace sites seem to pay higher to those that drive traffic to the site than the designers and that's the part I don't have time for, the social media, etc.

Not sure that there is a great option for marketplace selling. Of the two I've sold on I like Zazzle better but would need to up my commission rate. Interested to hear about experiences on other marketplace sites.