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Default Spreadshirt horribly ruined their t-shirt marketplace

Recently Spreadshirt did a very nasty & brutal thing to all the people who sell designs on their marketplace. They created a separate custom creation area and they put up a lot of free clip art and t-shirt designs, because they thought they could sell a lot more t-shirts this way, at the expense of the freelance designers. This wiped out most of the sales and profits of the designers who sold on their marketplace. They're also pressuring the marketplace sellers to lower the prices of their designs by giving lower priced designs higher rankings in the searches. So basically they don't care about the designers and they don't think we need to make any money.

I'm going to move to a different t-shirt service and when I establish good sales again somewhere else, I will close my Spreadshirt accounts and never do any business with them again. I'm really mad at them. If I decide to open a t-shirt store, it won't be on Spreadshirt. Since they totally screwed over their marketplace designers/sellers, who knows maybe they will screw over their shop sellers too. I'm not going to deal with Spreadshirt at all in the future. Also, Spreashirt's t-shirt shop layout is dumb and bad and I always disliked it. I just looked at Shopify right now and it's much better.

Another thing: In 2013, everybody's Spreadshirt sales were mysteriously cut in half. Suddenly everyone lost half their sales. This happened to both the marketplace sellers and shop sellers. Spreadshirt never gave us any explanation for it. I could understand this happening to the marketplace sellers, since they did away with restrictions on new designs, it flooded their marketplace with far more designs. But I don't understand why the shop owners got their sales drastically cut too.

But this time it's obvious how Spreadshirt has cut the marketplace sales for the marketplace sellers: by massively promoting free designs and increasing the number of free designs. This is such a cold & nasty move on their part. This is the last straw and I seriously have to find other ways of making money online.

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