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Default Re: Epson WF7110 - Need CIS system or Cartridges that work reliably (or an alternative comparable system)!

Originally Posted by api
Just thinking:

  • If you can save $300/month using Cobra ink, you have to spend at least $250/month on Cobra ink (or $550/month SC) because SC ink is appr. 2.2 times as expensive as Cobra.
  • $250/month of Cobra ink is appr. 1.2 liter/month = 1200 ml/month.
  • If one image needs e.g. 1 ml (1 cc) of ink, you have to print 1200 images/month.
  • If you have 4 refillable cartridges in your EPSON printer, you have 3 standard (4 ml) and 1 XL (10 ml) cartridge. That is 22 ml ink altogether.
  • If you have to print 1200 ml ink per month, you have to refill your cartridges at least 1200/22=54 times/month.
  • If you sell 1200 images/month for e.g.: $4 profit/image, you make more than $4.8K/month = $57.6K/year.
  • With the $300/month saving on ink, you save $3600/year.
For this saving, you are using a desktop EPSON printer and refilling your cartridges 54 times/month...

Am I misunderstanding something?

With a wide format printer, you would have 700 ml or 1000 ml cartridges, that is 2.8-4 liter/printer, so you would have to touch the cartridges max. 4 times/year (!). You could use cheaper roll paper, you could have built in paper cutter, you could print larger images than 13"x19", etc.. For less than 10% of your 1-year profit, you could have the wide format printer and - if you'd still want to save extra on ink - you could still start messing with refillable cartridges and using other than SC ink.

I am not selling wide format printers!

Just thinking...
True, I picked up an HP Z6100 used that I use for pigment ink heat transfer paper. We do a lot of canvas panels (12 x 16). We pre-print them for "paint your pet" classes and then they paint over the pictures with acrylic paint (kind of like paint by numbers). I have also used that printer for Photo Tex window coverings and various other stuff. I go through a set of eight 750 ml ink cartridges about every 6 months with that printer. It wouldn't make sense to use the Epson for that. We use the Epson for printing brochures, flyers, checks and everyday office stuff. I also use it for dye sub printing (primarily mugs, but also some aluminum panels and a few shirts). Most of the shirts we do are either Heat Press Vinyl or Heat Transfer.