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Default Re: desktop epsons using eco-solvent ink?????

Actually my Roland Uses Epson 7000 heads but to be honest not sure if it is modified hmm
There are distributors that sell small solvent printers that can be used to print on anything, as long as you coat material... same concept as DTG printers

Head melting thing not to sure about but those inks reek Ha
I don't think you need a head gun as long as you coat the material but that comes to this:

Is all this work worth it?.... Sometimes it cheaper to sub contract vinyl printing work out because I tell customer this little phrase "time equals money" and I done plenty of sub work for other sign shops that rather pay me to do it, than themselves

I honestly don't make jack on it with prices I run but if you ever need some printing on vinyl hit me up

Oh BTW those head are more prone to clogging than DTG heads, especially if using True Solvent ink which are far stronger than Eco Solvent inks