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Default Re: Easyjet for Darks

Originally Posted by isidearmi
Has anyone used this Easyjet for Darks? How does it compare to 3G Jet Opaque? Also, how is the Jet Dark compared to the 3G Jet Opaque? The 3G Jet Opaque leaves the logo to be very "crinkly". Is there a way to press it to make the hand softer?

Thanks for any information!
I switched to EasyJet for Darks from Coastal. I hated the way 3G feels and I hated the sound it makes when you walk. And you are right on the crinkling. I find the EasyJet to be a a decent amount thinner than the 3G and also feels better. It's definitely not the perfect answer for transfers on darks but it's a better option than the 3G.

I also had Cobra make a custom profile for me for the EasyJet which now prints as good as the 3G.