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Default Re: R3000 P600 Dampers instead of cartridges?

Originally Posted by rikreations
Closed. And because it kept on opening, the printer was always giving an error when starting up.
That's why I taped it and sticked it to that corner
Thanks for sharing this info, I'm sure others will be happy to find it in the future!

I have ONE more question, if you have the moment... I think I saw someone else mention it earlier in this thread as well, but nobody answered:

How are you connecting to the ink bags to the DX4 dampers?

I have these tall dampers and the nipple inside them is TAPERED (see pic below, nipple gets fatter the lower down it goes)... so the tubing size that fits nicely on the BAG nipple, doesn't stay nicely on the DAMPER nipple.

It literally slides itself off, even with the locknut it's not very trustworthy. :/

Just curious if I just have a crappy set of dampers? Is there one with a STRAIGHT nipple (like the DX7)... or are you just dealing with the problem and being extra careful?

Here's mine, it's a clear / double-tall... wondering if there's a better option out there?