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Default Re: Resolute RIP / Software

Originally Posted by royo
I know this is a long shot, but I'm running out of options.
I recently purchased to keep up with demand a second hand (18 months and printing beautifully) R Jet 5. The seller had 2, and subsequently sold them seperately; one with the RIP, one without. I, unfortunately, bought the latter as he had already sold the previous with the software.
Not a problem, I thought. I know they use a CADLink based system, and that it's a similar system to Brother and available to purchase retrospectively. I therefore also assumed it would be around the same price I.e circa 900 net.

What I'm truly gutted about is finding from a call to their office that Resolute ask a whopping 2400 for a copy of the software.
Now, I didn't expect it to be cheap, but that kind of strikes of opportunism.

Now, before everyone jumps on me and says "why did you not just buy a new machine", I was quite pleased to buy what, for all intensive purposes, seems to be a well maintained machine and for a notable saving on a new one. A quick eBay search gives you an idea of their going rate. A new machine was ultimately just not within budget right now. Couple this with 2400 though, and it rather kills off any desire I have to proceed with Resolute. It would just make me question what else at a later date I'll be charged excessively for.

Basically, does anyone know if the machine can run off ANY other software? I wondered whether CADLInk's Epsom edition would work with it being a vague relative of the 4880.

Dear Rory,

I am sorry you feel that way, the 1950 + vat we charge is included with the price of an R-Jet 5 when purchased from Resolute. Although you did not actually buy an R-Jet 5, you purchased an ex food printer that some one converted for textiles.

In answer to your question, no it cannot run from any other RIP.

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