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Default Re: R3000 P600 Dampers instead of cartridges?

Originally Posted by Glopear
I'm not sure its true that people are doing this just for convenience (cart issues), then it makes no sense to change the head dampers, I got the impression it's to help with ink flow by increasing the damper sizes. An IA ink seems to be for a lot of people problematic with the stock P600 system.
There's talk of an ink flow benefit, but I honestly question whether that's a placebo... it's a pressurized system.

I could be wrong, but I didn't notice a huge ink flow problem with a stock setup (though I suppose ink settling in the lines could build up quicker with smaller tubing)... but IA inks are like water, literally... the "settling" is the only problem, not an ink flow restriction from dampers being "too small" or the like.

What you're referring to is only half the story... as far as I know, there was a bad batch of IA ink that circulated a while back, due to poor handling of the volatile WHITE ink... some of our European friends had problems (which may have also been due to the long shipping times overseas = read: settling)... IA reps said it was because the company hadn't figured out (yet), that they needed to teach suppliers to handle the inks a certain way (White needs to be shaken daily, it can't sit on a shelf for weeks/months)... basically, nobody was shaking them in storage and that caused settling, which caused immediate grief for some unsuspecting DTG owners... I think you can read about all this (and all the questions you have about IA inks) on the IA website... I don't work for them, but I also don't have any complaints using their inks... and the cure times are much better than DuPont, so they shouldn't be overlooked in your research (the KEY word).

As far as the dampers go, they're a "consumable"... meaning they eventually clog and need to be replaced (depends on your print volume)... carts are harder to deal with in this context, as mentioned in my post above... cart "dampers" are an easy swap, which is what you want when you're in the middle of a print run and your machine stops working.

The printhead damper mod is again, a matter of convenience... when one of them clogs and needs to be replaced, it's NO small task to get into the printhead and swap one out (or even inspect to see if that's the problem)... I THINK this was mentioned earlier in this thread, the benefits of the head damper mod.

All the damper mods do is allow easier/access/cheaper/maintenance, which is an inevitable fact of running a White ink DTG... you don't need to do these mods, and you really shouldn't until you get more familiar with running your machine stock... you gotta learn to ride the bike, before you start building custom bikes.

Learn through experience, not cutting corners following advanced tips on forums... understanding the entire system from the ground-up is the only way you'll be able to keep a DIY machine running with the least amount of pain / without painting yourself into a corner... there's nothing worse than not being able to fill an order, AND not knowing what your options are to get running again in a pinch (if your shipment from China is gonna take 10+ days to reach you, for example).

There's no substitution for personal experience... and you will die a painful death in the DIY DTG game without it... people will help randomly online, but there's no real support... bite the bullet, learn hard, THEN customize to suit (and contribute back to the community when you can)... just doing it and rolling with the punches, is how it's done.

You don't get a foolproof system with DIY... you get a simple roadmap... then it's up to you to take the initiative and make your life a success... for example, you need to find all these dampers and mod parts on your own... you can buy ink carts in China, but there's no ONE guy anyone can tell you about... it's up to you to research WHAT you need and WHO to buy it from... it's work, and the only way to figure it out is to learn it innately through bare necessity and the pressure to make your project a success... nobody can teach "experience".

Point being, IA inks quality control issues have been solved... those issues never had anything to do with the P600... if you haven't read about that yet (because you're not reading what IA reps are writing), then you have more DTG research to do before you should be considering "head damper mods" on a custom DIY printer.

Keep reading, buy a machine and figure out how to make it work... THEN start doing mods because you understand WHY you want them for your particular business needs.

Or buy a prebuilt machine that comes with support... I hear @spectra is pretty good!

Anyway, off topic... so I'll leave it at that.... good luck, just do it!

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