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Default Re: R3000 P600 Dampers instead of cartridges?

Originally Posted by Glopear
Does converting to DX4/DX7 dampers make it possible to use IA inks? what about the printhead itself, is that still not problematic?
You can use IA ink without this conversion.

Replacing ink cartridges with dampers is for convenience... cartridge microchips are fickle, they love to crap out... carts leak, have to be replaced regularly... importing from China is the cheapest method, but it adds up when you need to keep buying them every month or two just to have extras on-hand in case something dies... ink carts are by far the worst part of the entire system.

Dampers sidestep that whole problem.

It has nothing to do with ink brands though, I was running IA ink in a stock setup and it was fine.

And yes, White ink is still problematic in ANY direct to garment printer... there's no fixing the fact that White ink air dries in minutes... which means ANY direct to garment printer needs to have White ink run through the lines at LEAST every 24 hours... otherwise you start risking ink dried in the lines (cart lines, printhead, cap station, everywhere).

I would suggest not buying a DTG until you understand just what you're getting into... these (White Ink) machines are a disaster waiting to happen... you need to be on the ball, every single day... and when they break, it's expensive and (down)time consuming... it's like fixing your car on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere.

IA ink has nothing to do with this thread topic.