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Default Re: My Alien Bunker DIY DTG Epson 1430 Build for Less than $30

Originally Posted by AnthonyF
I'm just starting my research in this, so maybe you can help me. I can get a 1430 for $270 and a CIS kit from Cobra for $150. Add $50 for wood and hardware and we're up to a bit under $500. Let's call it $500. It's a bit kludgy, though. I'm very impressed with the work and seriously considering giving it a whirl, particularly because there's a local Craigs List ad for a 1430 for $120, knocking that price down to under $400. But it still looks a bit awkward to run a shirt through. So what's a $500 turnkey DTG?


I was figuring $100 for hardware and wood. $30 for manual. Looking for an RIP to get started.

I went ahead an purchased DIY Manual today and started tear down of a new 1430.