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Default Re: Problem with Spreadshirt...transparency and the online product designer?

Originally Posted by jeggers
Hi, Completefighter,

This message doesn't have anything to do with light or dark colored shirts. It is suggesting that you have a vector design. Vectors can be printed on any color shirt (one advantage), removing colors won't help this issue. Did you change your logo to vector?

I am going to ask our Shop Partner experts to call you so you can walk through this with them and get the detailed information in total rather than in pieces.

I do have all my designs in vector format but you folks do not accept the work because of the intricate details in my designs. This is why I am going with the digital transfer because on "white" shirts is supposed to be fine right??

In regards to this email, I thought gray was considered a "light" color. But apparently the only way I can get these designs printed would be on "white" shirts.

It's fine though, I removed all my gray shirts from the shop and will see if I can sell these white shirts

Thanks for the response Jana.