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Default Re: Traffic From Facebook but No Sales? What's your Conversion Rates?

Originally Posted by ExcelGuy
Shipping from Gooten is $3.65 USD via USPS.
Also, consider your artwork cost as a business expense and don't add it to the price of every shirt. Besides you should only pay for the design once.
I am wrecking my brain right now trying to set up my shipping rates with Printful through Shopify. One wouldn't believe the complexity that they both create for what should be quite simple options, the way I see it. I am into like my third day of trying to work this out, believe it or not. And all I want is simple flat rates for one or maybe two shipping options within the US.

Also, companies can charge substantially less for shipping than it actually costs them to ship. Amazon is probably the best of examples.

When speaking of vendors I meant their product and shipping prices. I picked Printful for fulfillment and my costs with them seem to be quite high.

As for the artwork, I do my own, not an issue here. Thanks.

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