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Default Traffic From Facebook but No Sales? What's your Conversion Rates?

I ran an ad on FB and Instagram for a new t-shirt design and have it available for pre-order on my site.

- Spent $37
- 9,000 people reached
- 145 clicks to product page
- .25 cents per conversion
- 1.30% conversion rate
- Highest precent of placement - is Audience Network. I have it running all placements but I have FB auto running where it's placed. I have a very low percentage shown on FB though.

My target market is very niche specific.

The shirt is listed at $34 + Free Shipping in US for those that pre-order now. I have a pre-order cut off date of Sep 28th. I have one graphic printed on the sleeve, one on the front and hem tag at the bottom. I also have specs of the t-shirt size along with the normal size guide. I am using Bella Canvas 3001U shirts.

What I can't understand if 145 people click on my ad because they appeared to like this t-shirt. Why did no one purchase? What are typical conversion rates?

My website is super clean, I am using Shopify and the t-shirt is on a white background that lays flat with a few wrinkles in the shirt to give it depth. Like what A&F does with their shirts, it is super nice quality mock up.

Also to see if the pre-order was an issue, I took that off and made it available as a straight purchase. I kept it like that for about 25 visits to the page. Still no one made a purchase.

My site is working great and I did get a few folks from my email blast purchase some shirts. So I know that's working fine.

And on my Instagram account I have over 100 likes of this tee shirt.

Can anyone shed any light on this perhaps or has similar experiences?

What are you conversion rates on running ads on Facebook and Instagram? I know not everyone is going to purchase after they visit the site but I would think at least I should have gotten 1 out of that.

Thanks for any advice and feedback.

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