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Default Re: Curing Permaset supercover

Originally Posted by katext
... Is there really anyone who is curing the same way as i do (heatgun & heatpress) and get a good result after washing...
As already noted above, yes. I started out with a heat gun for flashing and heatpress for curing. No problems.
I now have a real flash for flashing and the same old heatpress for curing. Still no problems.

"Glow" you mean a glow-in-the-dark additive? Try printing without that. Is the Glow a Permaset product? It could be having an undesired reaction with the ink. And if it is thick, or is a powder itself, it would obviously be making the ink thicker.

Have you ever added water to your ink? Ink dries out a bit every time you use it. So you should add a bit of water and stir it up well after use.

I keep my fresh ink in the original container and keep my "in-use" ink in a separate container. I add fresh ink and water to the in-use container as needed. I always have the ink in the original container as a reference of what good ink looks and feels like.

What screen mesh are you using? If the mesh is too open AND the ink is too thick, you could be laying down way too much ink. A thick, thick layer of ink will NOT cure correctly.