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Default Re: Curing Permaset supercover

Yes, you can use that equipment, and I have/do. I use mainly Permaset and mainly SuperCover.

I cure with a heat press 2x45sec at 325F

I used to use a heat gun to flash with. The goal of flashing is just to dry it off so it does not stick to the next screen, so don't need to get it very hot. Do you have a touchless thermometer/temp-gun? Heat guns can put out enough heat to peel paint or scorch fabric, so make sure you are not overdoing the flashing.

Let the print COOL before stretch testing it. And don't try to rip the shirt in half

The only other thing that comes to mind is that maybe you are putting down too much ink? A really thick layer might not cure correctly, or be flexible enough to stretch.

Another test is to throw it in the washer.