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Default Re: R3000 P600 Dampers instead of cartridges?

Damon, you give an interresting feedback with IA, cartridge vs DX4 dampers.

Since I switched the DX4 dampers (early february) , I have not yet change any of them, even more they are so cheap compare to cardridge...
So even if it work now, I will replace them all 3 months (white only) and all 6 months for colors.

The head dampers modification gives easier maintenance, especially when you have a problem with 1 channel, you don't have to depressurise the whole system.
And you know when you depressurised, it could be long for the ink to print back to normal. In my opinion, this is because of air bubbles.
You can see air bubble in the line, which is nasty, but so easy to get rid of now.

It is possible to flush the white only if you know you are not printing dark garment for the next week.

An other exemple, is that you don't need ink charge to fill the ink line, you just "open" the DX7 head dampers, give pressure with your hand on the ink bag, and the ink immediatly flow from the bag to the head dampers. (ink charge needs ink chips that read full)

There is an other solution to even get faster maintenance, the solution is to get rid of the ink delivery system. and connect ink bag straight to the DX7 head dampers.
I know some people I trying to do it, and I wait for their feedback.