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Question sprint: have deadly 'print job ready' 'send print job' cycle.

When I turn it on, occasionally, it will go into 'reset service counter' mode (even after resetting), occasionally, it will flash "job ready load media, printer ready send print job" and a few times, it's come up with a garbled 'job ready' message. It worked for 2 shirts, but now, when the printer is off for a period of time, it seems to mostly come up to 'printer ready send print job' then, when I send a print job, or hit the table button, it goes into the cycling between printer ready, and the hit print button messages.
If I catch it at the right moment in the cycle, hitting the print button, it goes to homing table, then either stays there forever, or goes to auto system maintenance. (which is not scheduled) sometimes comes back from system maintence, to cycle, sometimes to garbled lcd, sometimes doesn't come back.

I've already replaced the encoder strip, absolutely no change. Anajet tech says 'try replacing the print engine board' ...

It seems what mode it starts up in, and what it ends in, depends on it's mood at that moment, and little else.

Would prefer before dropping $ on a new engine board, (and that possibly not fixing it either) other suggestions..

Wouldn't even mind jerryrigging it somehow, if it would allow me to just print!
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